If you concerned at all about keeping your children safe (and if you children, you very well are), you need to look into a getting a wireless IP camera. One place you can find a variety of these cameras at is through Amcrest. The cameras have many different uses, one of the top being keeping your children safe at all times.

wireless-ip-cameraPark Safety

One place that you may very well be concerned about taking your children is to public parks. Parks are very fun for children as well as adults but the concern of how safe the park really is can be huge for many people. No, you cannot literally attach a wireless IP camera to your child’s shirt but there are some things that you may be able to do while at the park. One of the best things that you can do for your child while you are with them at the park is to take an IP camera with you. You can set up the camera, such as on a park bench to make sure you child is being safe. This would be especially handy if you are trying to get some work done while your child is playing. You do want to be careful if you place a camera up because others may not want you to be recording them. If you notice others in the park, you may want to mention to them that you have a camera on that is recording your child. Most people are not going to worry about the camera but some may have issues with you doing so. The camera will be very good to use when no other children are present. You can easily keep an eye on your child while you are getting your work done without having to worry about them running to another area or a chance of them walking off with someone that they should not be with. If others are around, you may want to mention to them that you do have a camera that you are recording with.

Park Officials

It is very well likely that the park officials already have installed some type of wireless IP camera that they are monitoring for the safety of the public. You may be able to see these cameras easily in sight but this is not always going to be the case. It would be a very good idea to talk to the park officials (the city, county, etc.) to find out if they are monitoring things that are going on in the park, especially in the areas where children are actively playing.


If you have concerns about your children while they are a public or private parks, you are most likely not the only parent or grandparent that is feeling this way. It is very important to be proactive in keeping your children safe and a wireless IP camera may just very well give you that extra assurance that you need.