If you are looking for a quality Wifi IP camera, you need to check out the variety of security cameras that can be found at Amcrest. IP cameras will help to keep you, your property and loved ones safe.

IP security cameras have grown a lot over of recent. With the use of these cameras and technology, it is getting easier to use these cameras and more people are installing IP cameras to watch their property and even their pets. The following article will list a few tips to help you secure your Wifi IP camera from eyes that do not need to be there.

wifi-ip-cameraCamera Firmware

You need to make sure that your cameras firmware is up to date, which is going to be very easy to accomplish with modern IP security cameras. You can update your camera’s firmware from the admin console with the use of a web browser.You should make sure to occasionally check your IP security camera manufacturer’s website for updated firmware so that you can make sure the version you are using does not contain an unpatched vulnerability that could be exploited by hackers.

Keep Cameras Local

If you do not want your Wifi IP camera feed to end up on the Internet, then you do not want to connect it to the Internet. If privacy is a top concern of yours, then you need to keep the feed of the IP camera to your local network. Even with non-routable IP addresses, your IP cameras could still be exposed by camera software that sets up port forwarding or uses UPNP to expose your cameras to the Internet.

Password Protect Cameras

It is very unlikely that your camera is going to have password protection on for video feeds turned on by default settings. It is very likely that you are going to need to make sure to make sure the setting is turned on and set up a password for your camera. Many people forget to add passwords to their cameras. Do not forget to complete this easy process of setting up a password for your IP camera because you do not want people accessing your camera that you do not want doing so. Protect all of your camera feeds with a username and a password and change it from time to time. Do not ever go with the default admin name and password settings that are set by the manufacturer of the camera. If you have not changed the admin name and password, it is going to be very easy for hackers to get into your camera.

Placement of Cameras

You should not put Wifi IP camera inside areas of your property where you do not feel comfortable being seen by others. There is always the possibility of others getting into your video feed; always use caution with your cameras.


If you are looking for a very reliable Wifi IP camera, check out the variety of cameras from Amcrest. And once you have the camera, always make sure that your camera is secure.

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