If you are looking for Wifi IP cameras, you need to check out the different security cameras that can be found from Amcrest. This article will now discuss how legal it is to place your cameras facing public sidewalks.


Public vs. Private

If you are walking down a public sidewalk, you are not on private property, even if the sidewalks in directly in front of your house. If you make the decision to walk on public property, your privacy rights are not as what you would expect them to be as if when you are inside your home. When a person knowingly exposes themselves in public, their privacy rights are not going to be completed protected. If you are out in public, you are going to have virtually no right to privacy of any kind from visual surveillance, such as from Wifi IP cameras.

There are not any federal lawsthat govern video surveillance by private citizens, companies or organizations. No federal law,other than the Fourth Amendment, covers police video surveillance. Using a video and audio recorder by a citizen is protected by the First Amendment.Even police officers are not exempt from being videotaped and audiotaped from security cameras. Shoppers entering a business with IP cameras also have no reasonable expectation of privacy. If you go into the store, you should assume that you are likely being taped. If you do not want to be taped, then you should not go into the store or walk on the store’s property.

Legality of Cameras

Many state laws are going to strictaudiotaping but there is no legal counterpart for videotaping, such as with Wifi IP cameras.The telecommunications industry wants to protect its customers, which motivates legislation against wiretapping or bugging but not videotaping. A private citizen that uses security cameras must follow the same guidelines governing surveillance programs operated by cities, village, towns and counties. You can legally film a neighbor’s property. You can also legally film a street curb and it films people walking by as well. What does cross the line is when the person operating the camera decides to follow someone and continues to film them when the person has specifically asked you to stop recording them. This could be considered harassment and you do not want to get involved in this. No one monitors what business owners and private citizens film with their cameras and nothing can be done until it is found out that the person is operating the camera is doing something illegal, which can be tricky to find out. It is wise to regulate who can access the cameras and recordings. It is a good idea to place Wifi IP cameras in areas where crime is prevalent.


It is completely legal for private citizens, companies and organizations to place Wifi IP cameras on their buildings that face public sidewalks. This is a good way to help deter crime in and around your property. When looking for these cameras to monitor public sidewalks, check out the variety of cameras at Amcrest first.

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