If you are looking for a Wifi IP camera, you need to look at the cameras offered from Amcrest. You will be able to find a camera that is going to suit your needs in dealing with violent confrontations.


Night Time Criminals

A criminal that breaks into your home property at night is expecting a confrontation of some kind. Hopefully the confrontation will be short lived but you should always avoid a confrontation if at all possible. You should always use some forward thinking in order to deny criminals the opportunity to break into your home even in the first place.

Analysis of Criminals

It is important to understand how criminals work during a home invasion. You also want to learn of their characteristics. They like to target homes where they are less likely to face resistance and gain access to important information like pin numbers, jewelry, cash and more. There is also the chance that these criminals are just looking for a violent confrontation or a sexual assault opportunity, which is why Wifi IP cameras are so important.

Home invasions require homework and criminals will spend the time to properly target a person or residence. Most good burglars are going to watch your home to see when you are gone but home invaders will go as far as knowing what your daily routine is going to be. This will include where you work, where you shop and where you hang out. They will collect this information in order to determine not only the value of their target but also the resistance they might face.

Criminals may use deception to approach your residence posing as a delivery man or salesman. This situation would normally occur during the day and is a technique employed by the criminal as a scout. Always be suspicious of anyone that you allow into your home. If something does not feel right, ask them to leave and request someone else or go with another company.

When attempting to enter your home, the invaders are going to work quickly. Speed and surprise are fairly self-explanatory.Working in pairs is to be expected as well. If you have countered one threat, there may be more. If you have one threat, definitely have a Wifi IP camera installed immediately.

Home invasion criminals have been known to be lazy while ransacking a home, even while you are actually in the home and watching them. You do not want to be the victim. If you ever feel threatened, it is best to have a Wifi IP camera installed to keep you, your loved ones and home and property safe.


Drug dealers are prime targets for home invasions. The abundance of cash, drugs and valuables is highly desired by other drugs dealers and criminals. Whatever is driving the home invader’s motives, the threat real and needs to be taken seriously. If you want to avoid a home invasion, have a Wifi IP camera installed outside of your home so the criminal will know that they are being watched.

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