An outdoor deck on the back of your home is a wonderful place to unwind and entertain. One of the best things that you can do for keep your deck safe is with the use of an outdoor wifi camera. The following tips should also be used in order to make sure your outdoor space is safe and fun for everyone.


Checking Structure of Deck

It is important to inspect your deck each year. Some of thing that should be inspected include:

  • The ledger board that connects deck to your house
  • The floor of the deck
  • Joists that support deck
  • Beams that support joists
  • Posts that support beams
  • Footings that secure posts in the ground
  • Stair treads
  • Stringers that support stair treads and the stair railing
  • Railing around deck and along stairway

Before beginning any work, you need to check to see if any building codes apply to your work and if permits or inspections are going to be required. If you cannot access certain parts of your deck or do not feel comfortable doing the inspection yourself, you should contact a professional deck builder. For a complete check of your deck, you should have it inspected by a professional.

Lights on Deck Steps and Post Cap Lights

You should add outdoor lighting to the deck. You can Illuminate and beautify your deck with a variety of decorative lights, such as rope lights, string lights, lanterns, post cap lights and step lights. Low-voltage or solar landscape lights will help family and guests find the path to your door. A well-lit deck is going to likely keep intruders away.

Clean and Seal your Deck

Algae and mold are going to make your deck slippery and some mold can even eat away at the deck. Wood that is not sealed is going to deteriorate more quickly. It is important to periodically clean and protect your deck from the outside elements. If using a pressure wash, extra care should be taken because too much force is going to damage the surface of the wood of the deck.

Rugs and Mats

It is important that you make sure to secure outdoor area rugs with non-slip pads or some kind of rug tape. Non-slip door mats should be used at every entrance to your house.

Heaters, Grills and Torches

All heaters, grills and torches should only be used correctly. You should read and follow all product instructions and safety precautions for heat-generating items on your deck.

Snow and Ice

During cold months, your deck can become very icy and unsafe. In order to prevent slips and falls, you should keep enough ice melt, sand or kitty litter on hand in order to treat slippery patches. If you have received a lot of snow, you should keep your deck clear of snow buildup in order to prevent overloading.


There are many safety tips to use on your deck. To keep intruders away, the use of an outdoor wifi camera will keep most would-be intruders away.