It is very important to protect your home and loved ones by placing an outdoor IP camera so people cannot get into your home. It is very important that you place the outdoor security cameras in the proper places around your home


Do Not Put the Outdoor IP camera Just Anywhere

You need to think about your home and where the most vulnerable places for people to break in are. If you have hidden entrances, windows or doors, you should also think about these areas when deciding upon where to place the outdoor security cameras at. Homeowners know their home best – you must evaluate your home and decide where the best place to place the cameras at. Besides where you should place the outdoor security camera, you also need to decide if you want the cameras visible or hidden so others cannot see them.

Front Door Entrance

Close to 40% of burglars are going to actually enter through the front door of your home. You may want to place the camera at a second floor level, so an intruder cannot just knock it to the ground. You may also want to surround the camera in mesh wiring to protect it from rocks, sticks and weapons.

Back Door and Side Door Entrances

About 25% of burglars will enter through back and side doors of your home. It is important to place an outdoor IP camera at every entrance to your home. You also want to make sure to place your outdoor IP camera out of reach so it cannot be damaged from hands, rocks, sticks or weapons. If the camera is not protected from an overhang, you should make sure it is weatherproof and has capability to be used in night time hours.

Off-Street Windows

It is very common for burglars to enter a home by breaking windows in the rear of a home. Always put an outdoor IP camera on windows that cannot be seen clearly from the street.

Backyard and Side Gate

Burglars love to find a good backyard to help them break into a home. Besides helping them in hide out in a large backyard, they can many times find many things in the backyard to take off with. You want to put outdoor security cameras in your backyard to keep the things in your backyard safe as well as keeping your home safe from unwanted people. Besides putting in an outdoor security camera, putting in a motion-sensor floodlight is also a very good idea. If you do have a backyard that is fenced in, you need to have the outdoor IP camera that has a good view of the entrance gate of the backyard or you may want to install a separate Outdoor IP camera just for the gate entrance to your backyard.

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