If you are looking for a PTZ camera, you are going to have many different cameras that you are going to be able to choose from. Before purchasing one of the cameras, always make sure to research the camera to make sure it really is going to do all of the things that you are expecting it to do for you.


A PTZ camera is going to provide you with many benefits over your standard security cameras. With standard cameras, the field of view is going to be determined at the time of installation and will not change without a manual adjustment of the mounting angle or a change of the camera lens. Pan, tilt and zoom cameras are going to offer you with superior flexibility and a simple installation process with the ability to rotate the camera on a 360-degree plane.

Just as with other security cameras that you are going to find on the market today, a pan, tilt and zoom camera is going to offer you with remote viewing software so you can view and even control your cameras from your desktop computer, laptop computer, iPad, iPhone, Android device or other smartphone that you may be using. The cameras are also going to offer you with uncompromising security and. The cameras can also be purchased for a price that you are really going to like and it is not going to rattle you bank account.

Large Field of View

One thing that many people like with a PTZ camera is that they are going to give you a large field of view. Depending upon where you actually mount the security camera at, it can possibly give you a full 360-degree viewing area. You can easily install the cameras at locations that would normally require multi-camera installations.

Built-in Motion Tracking

Some PTZ cameras come with built-in tracking. This is a great benefit and provides you with the video evidence you need in case of theft or vandalism.

Night Vision

Another great option you should look for in the PTZ camera is one with night vision. The amount of light is huge to capturing a high quality image. You should set up your camera in the same lighting conditions they will be recording in.


PTZ cameras are built for extreme outdoor weather. Cameras such as these are going to give you the ability to install them in even the most remote locations.

Powerful Zoom

PTZ Cameras have detection ability from 150 feet to 1,000 feet, depending upon how much you want to spend on the camera. More advanced models can have 36X zoom which will give you a clear image of a person or object several hundred feet away.

Tamper Resistant

You want to amount your PTZ camera high above the ground so you will have the best view possible. Most pan, tilt and zoom cameras are built with rigid metal housings.

Auto Focus

A PTZ camera is going to give you a full range of auto focus built right in which is going to make sure that no matter where you pan, tilt or zoom the camera, the picture is always be clear.

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