If you are looking for a GPS tracker, you are not alone. These devices have become very popular. Before purchasing one of the handy devices, it is important to do some research on them. The following article will give you basis about what exactly the trackers are and what to look for before purchasing one of them.

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What is it?

GPS tracking uses the same satellite technology that GPS navigation does. A GPS tracker is used to accurately and regularly track a person, vehicle or wherever you have placed one of the devices at. For example, you may want to place one of the devices on your child’s backpack. The devices are good for tracking:

  • People
  • Vehicles
  • Assets

You can easily and accurately track where someone goes in a car. You can also program the GPS tracker to notify you when they stop off somewhere that you do not approve of.


There are two types of GPS trackers:

  • Historical Loggers: can be placed in a vehicle or in a backpack and will record the tracking data internally. The device stores the tracking information inside the unit. You need to literally retrieve the device from a car or wherever you place it and connect it to a computer in order to download all the tracking information. Once you purchase the device, there are no additional monthly fees. The disadvantage of this type of GPS tracker is that you need to physically get the device every time you want to know where it has been.
  • Real-Time Trackers: can actually track a location in real-time. You can view and monitor where the device has been in real-time on any computeror smart phone.You need to simply login to the tracker website with your username and password and you will be able to see where the tracker is and where it has been. The GPS tracker can even be programmed to send you a text message whenever the device is in motion.


There can be additional fees with real time trackers. For example you may have to pay onetime activation fee and monthly fees for the use of GPS tracker. You usually are not going to have longterm contracts and the monthly fees are going to be based on the frequency you would like the device to track. For example, you can have the device track every 5 seconds to every 15 minutes. The standard battery life is usually roughly 3 to 5 days with normal use but there are extended battery packs that will power the units for up to 30 days.Asset tracking, baby stroller tracking and elderly tracking are very popular as of recent years. The GPS trackers are also great safety devices for hiking and climbing expeditions. Most of the devices are generally very small, many times they are as small as a 9 volt battery that you would use in the smoke detector that you have inside your home.

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