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Safe Hotels

Modern locks: It is important to look for hotels with modern electronic guest room locks, as these locks automatically change the lock combination with every new guest. If you lose or misplace your key, ask to have your room re-keyed.

Dead bolts and peepholes: It is important to look for hotels with a dead bolt lock and a peephole.

Fire sprinklers and smoke detectors: The sprinklers and some detectors should be in the hotel rooms, hallways and meeting rooms.

Telephone: Each room should have a telephone in it that allows for outside dialing.

Locks: There should be secure locks on all windows and adjoining doors.

Lighting: The interior hallways, parking structures and grounds should be well lit.

Parking garages: The parking garage should only go to the lobby of the hotel.

Security personnel: The hotel should have personnel trained in guest security and available for escorts to rooms.

Checking In Your Hotel Room

  • Always stay with your luggage until it is brought into the hotel lobby.
  • Keeps an eye on your luggage when checking in.
  • Ask the front desk personnel not to announce your room number.
  • Be aware of people listening to your check-in conversation.
  • Do not leave your credit card lying on the counter while you complete your registration.
  • Instruct the desk not to give out your name and room number.

Room Selection

Do not accept a hotel on the ground floor that has doors and windows that open to the outside. Hotels with interior hallways are safer. For security in motels, avoid ground floor rooms off the parking lot. Guest rooms that are close to the elevators are the safest but they are going to be noisier.

Elevators Safety

  • Women should be accompanied to their hotel room
  • Observe all passengers in elevators
  • If someone suspicious boards an elevator, exit as soon as possible

When Entering Your Hotel Room

After checking into a room, check the following:

  • Make sure the lock is functioning properly
  • The closets and bathrooms should be checked to make sure no one is hiding in them
  • All windows and outside door locks should be checked
  • The adjoining door lock should be checked
  • Make sure the telephone is working correctly
  • Look for fire safety information and become familiar with it
  • Make sure the door closes securely behind you
  • Make sure the dead bolt works and use it
  • Never leave your key in the lock inside your room
  • If you lose your key, ask for a new room or have the lock or electronic key card changed


If you are looking for a wireless IP camera, definitely check out the variety of cameras found from Amcrest. The above tips are great to go by when staying at a hotel. As always, a security camera is also something to look for in the hotel.

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