If you are looking for a wireless security, you are not alone. Many people are looking for security cameras each and every day. The following article will talk about places you should not place these cameras at.

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You want to install a wireless security camera if you are feeling unsafe. The cameras are going to help keep your property and people around you safe. If you look closely around, you are going to see cameras at places you never dreamed about. The cameras are everyone and rightly so.

Public Restrooms

One place that you are never, ever going to want to install a wireless security camera at is inside a public restroom. You can place the security camera outside of the entrance to the public restroom but you should never under any circumstance place the camera inside the public restroom. Do not do it — because you will very rightly be facing some legal action if someone calls you out on doing so. It is going to be fine to place one of the cameras inside your home but if you have friends over, you probably should let them know that you have cameras inside your restrooms. Most people are really going to frown knowing that you have cameras inside your restroom.

Patient Rooms

A wireless security camera should not be placed inside a patient’s room (such as a hospital room or nursing home room). Even if your purpose is trying to keep the patients safe, you do not want to place a security camera inside one of them because you could be facing some serious privacy issues. You can place the camera in the hallways and lobbies but do not place the cameras inside the rooms under any circumstance. If the patient places the camera in the room and they do not have any other roommate in the room, this is going to be fine but it is very unlikely going to happen. If you suspect any ill action by employees, you just need to have more supervision completed.

Hotel Rooms

If you own or manage a hotel it is fine to place a wireless security camera in the lobby of the hotel or motel. You can also place the cameras in the hallways, outside the entrances and exits, in recreation rooms, in exercise rooms, in swimming pool areas, restaurant area, bar areas and more. You do not want to place one of the security cameras in places that the client is renting from you. Do not under any circumstance place one of the cameras either inside any part of the hotel room or in the restroom. You will be facing some serious privacy issues and very well likely will lose in a lawsuit of the court of law.


Wireless security cameras are very popular but you must be careful on where you place them. It’s okay to place them in your private home and public places but never in private areas, such as restrooms or hotel rooms.

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