If you are interested in starting a neighborhood watch, you definitely are not alone. There are more and more people wanting to start these types of groups each and every single day. One of the best things that you can do is to have a wireless security camera in the watch group. The following article gives tips for starting a neighborhood watch group.

Wireless IP Cameras

One thing that you can do for the neighborhood watch group is to have wireless IP cameras that are being monitored. You may just want to have the cameras installed and view the recordings later, but if you have someone monitoring the cameras in live action, it is going to help you keep a better eye on your neighborhood. You can have the cameras installed directly on people’s home in the neighborhood, on light poles or other common areas in the neighborhood (such as by park benches and playground areas). If burglars, would-be thieves or vandals see the cameras, they are less likely to want to be in the area causing trouble.

Start a Facebook Group

One very helpful thing that you can do in order to get a neighborhood watch groups started and even keep going is to start a Facebook group. You do not want to the Facebook group be something that any and every one can join in on. You need to set up a few administrators of the page and make sure that they are monitoring the page at all times (maybe taking turns on who and when is going to be able to monitor the group page). Only add people that you trust and ones that you know live in the neighborhood. If you live in a homeowner’s association, this is will easy to take care of. You just do not want people posting on the page when they are going out of town and such. The group should only be used in posting things that people are noting that are out of order. The Facebook group is the help the neighborhood not to hurt the neighborhood.


Another thing that you can do for the neighborhood watch is to have people that actually monitor the neighborhood on a daily basis. The best time of the day for this is going to be at night but this is not going to be the only time that the monitoring needs to take place. You do not want to just have one person handle all of the monitoring of the neighborhood. In the best circumstance, you want to have multiple people monitoring the neighborhood on different days. You do not want one person get burned out and not want to do the job and most importantly, you want to make sure things really are being monitored.


If crime is becoming prevalent in your neighborhood, you may be thinking about starting a neighborhood watch group. The tips above, such as installing a wireless security camera can help with the neighborhood watch.

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