There is a broad scope of wireless camera system, which can be mixed and matched to build a monitoring system to fit the required security demands of a home and personal lifestyle.

Wireless Camera

Progress in video and wireless technology have made high-resolution, full-color and full-motion video images the standard among camera system providers. A person can set up complete video monitoring throughout a home and also select from different types of cameras built to deliver indoor or outdoor views, in well-lit.

Indoor Cameras

All cameras tend to provide a wider field of view compared to standard cameras, but the dome-shaped camera takes this much farther. With full 360 degrees coverage, a single camera can survey the whole area. At the other end, a fixed lens camera provides you the ability to pivot permanently on a particular field, ideal for the best quality video pictures of the areas that are of concern most.

Outdoor Cameras

These offer very long-lasting and weather-proof enclosures, with components built to capture wider outer views and accommodate the full scope of outdoor lighting conditions. With many of choice provided by outdoor monitoring cameras, for example, remote pan, tilt control, infrared night vision, motion detection and wireless connectivity, it’s possible to give your yard and close neighborhood the same level of protection.

Motion Detector Cameras

Motion detector cameras incorporate a motion sensor with a camera, providing a camera that waits for an event before it starts transmitting or recording. This saves many hours of DVR storage space and adds the level of safety by alerting you when it detects suspicious activity.

Adjustable Cameras

These are for the utmost in control. Integrated with motor-driven actuators, they can be programmed to rotate automatically to capture a wider field of view than fixed wireless system cameras. Furthermore, most provide remote pan, tilt and zoom control so you can view around the area and concentrate on what’s most crucial at the time

Cameras with a Security System

Security cameras are about half of the video monitoring equation. To fix surveillance camera feeds into your system, providers give various types of devices that offer flexible viewing and recording characteristics. When more than one camera is hooked up to the system, there is a choice of switching between feeds and using a video splitter to observe different feeds simultaneously. Adding a duplicator to the system allows more than one person to watch the camera feeds at any given time.

The flexibility of a surveillance system goes beyond mere security monitoring and playback, beyond even the useful nanny cameras to keep an eye on children, disabled family members, and pets.

Coupled with remote surveillance and automation features, one can verify visitors to your residence and unlock the door to give them access while you are not around and lock up again when they’re done.

The number of types of wireless cameras may seem overwhelming. This is due to improved technology and the need of a person to be much safer. The demand increases each day leading to increased production.


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