There are various methods to configure business security systems. A warehouse full of merchandise will require a variety type of system. The features you need are based on the risks you encounter and what you can acquire. Here are some of the features you need for security system;

Wireless Camera

Wired Alarm System

This consists sensors at key points which, when triggered, convey a signal that alerts of a possible problem. The message is usually transmitted using a landline telephone system that calls the alarm company, police or fire department. The disadvantage with hardwired alarm systems is they don’t perform when the phone line doesn’t work, that is when lines are down due to inclement weather.

Video Surveillance Systems

These systems protect all assets, even the employees. Besides offering 24-hour observation of everything going on in the premises, recorded footage can assist point out intruders and can be used as evidence in the court.

Hidden camera

If there is any concern about employee theft, hidden cameras can be employed to catch thieves in the act. Even the existence of a camera can hinder theft or unauthorized access. Dummy cameras that are not linked into any monitoring system are mostly used for their ability to deter crimes.

They also monitor employee behavior and detect unproductive work habits. Recorded footage can be of help as a training aid to point out both productive and unproductive workflows.

Video Recorder

DVRs (digital video recorders) enables recording and date images for future reference. Hard drive storage is the simpler, time-saving, and more manageable option that is mostly used for storage. This can be employed by the manager to assess business progress and make changes.

Intercom Systems

An intercom system is one simple method to identify visitors before pressing a remote door release that enables them to enter your building. It could be linked with video to provide a time and date-stamped visual record of people who have gained access and left a building.

Remote viewing ability

With a DVR hard drive within the surveillance system, the video is recorded, which also enable for video streaming capabilities to different mobile devices. A monitoring system with remote viewing capability only requires Wi-Fi and software for the mobile device. This ability allows the owner to check the video feed from anywhere continuously. Additionally, some software programs enable the user to control the camera, keeping it focused on suspicious activity when it is happening.

Use of infrared for night vision

Most daytime monitoring video cameras do not operate well at night, and because nighttime is one of the most uncertain times for both people and property, daytime surveillance video image does not serve its monitoring purposes very well. Many surveillance systems provide infrared detection for night vision, providing a clear picture of a criminal when there is not enough light for most cameras to notice. According to Advanced Infrared Systems, this type of thermal imaging discloses any threat concealed the in dark shadows or behind obstructions.

Security camera is of great benefit to the business. They enable the owner to protect the property and employees and smooth running of the business.

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