Security cameras assist to capture burglars and to stop the criminals before they become intruders. Cameras work as a disincentive when would-be raider see them resolve breaking into a house isn’t worth the risk. With that in mind, keeping wifi security camera clearly visible on the property is a better idea. It also needs some invisible cameras because a determined intruder may try to deactivate cameras he or she can see. These cameras have unique features which make unique and good for security. Some of them are described below;

POE camera


– Motion Detection

Cameras with motion sensor send notifications to the owner when the camera view motion within its field of view. These notifications alert the owner to a suspicious operation so the owner can monitor the situation.

– Field of View

This refers to the breadth of the area a camera can record. It is very crucial because it affects the number of cameras you’ll need and where to place them.

– Sound

This can refer to your camera getting sound through a microphone, releasing sound via a speaker, or both. Cameras with bothe features can double as an intercom.

– Resolution

It defines the clarity of the image from your camera. A clearly seeable image is very useful when attempting to spot faces or items in the pictures the camera records.

– WiFi Capability

A camera with WiFi communicates with a home network wirelessly which is very labor intensive for installation but is less susceptible to being deactivated because it doesn’t have wires which could be disconnected.

– Night Vision

The range to which your camera can capture images in low to no light scenario have a significant influence on its effectiveness because mostly criminal activity happens at night.

– Movement

A camera that can pan and tilt can record a wider area than a static camera and therefore minimize the total number of cameras required to view a particular field.

– Cost

 The camera costs should be much less that you can afford and less than the valuables you’re trying to protect with it. Cost is a consideration for every purchasing decision.

– Remote focus

 This allows you to focus the camera lens automatically without physically adjusting it.Using the software to control the camera, remote focus makes it simple to fine tune the IP surveillance camera. When you click the “remote focus” or “autofocus” option in the software, the camera automatically adjusts its lens to provide a clear, focused image.

– Video compression

 This is the process of using a codec to peruse video files to eliminate or minimize unnecessary files. This makes video files smaller, so you can keep more video on the NVR hard drive or camera’s MicroSD card. To compress your files, the codec search for unwanted files it can reduce or erase without affecting the final version of the video. This process is done automatically by the surveillance camera, but you can always select which design of video compression to make use of and the compression level within the video.

Security cameras alert people to unexpected scenario within their field of view. Most of the modern security cameras have the ability to detect motion and send alerts to owners or authorities via text or email hence making them much useful for safety.

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