Pan Tilt cameras commonly referred to as PTZ are security cameras that come with lots of benefits over the ordinary security cameras. With a stationary camera, there are numerous disadvantages associated with it. The field of view is determined at the time of installation and never changes without any manual adjustment of the camera lens and mounting angle. With the PTZ, they offer simplified installation and great flexibility as they have the ability to rotate on a 360-degree plane. In this article, the author will focus on some of the key benefits that pan tilt camera have over a stationary camera.

Wireless Camera

Field of View

Depending on the area of the mount, the camera can cover a full 360-degree area. Most models allow the person installing to set various models on the viewing angle you need at predetermined times. The pan and tilt camera can be preprogrammed. This gives an easy installation for areas such as rooftops and parking lots that necessitate multi-camera installation. In most cases, only two pan and tilt cameras are required a large area of view. This reduces the costs, thus maximizing on the level of protection.

Motion Tracking Abilities

Most of the pan tilt IP cameras come with built-in tracking which can be set to detect motion. This feature can track the object or person and detect any motion. Using the network connection available, the camera can pan tilt to follow the person or object as it moves. This is such important as it provides you with video evidence you need in case of vandalism of your property.

High Definition Options

High-end PTZ is available in IP versions and will deliver resolutions ranging from 720p to 1080p. There are also those cameras that use HD-SDI technology which is more advanced compared to the common HD quality. The SDI is much easier to install and maintain. High definition IP cameras are recommended when you need the highest resolution images possible. The only demerit of these high-quality video is that they require much more space than other analog security cameras.

Advanced Multiple Alarm Inputs

Most IP cameras come with an advanced alarm system with four alarm inputs. This allows you connect other devices such as door contacts, motion detectors, and glass break sensors. If any mischievous activity occurs in that hot spot, the pan tilt IP camera can be programmed to stop any other activity from being recorded.

Tamper Resistance 

The ideal location of the pan-tilt camera is mounted above the ground This gives the best view possible and allows it to survey a wider 360-degree range. This affords the camera a certain protection level as it is quite difficult to damage them. With their rigid housing and use of polycarbonate domes, the cameras are virtually shatterproof to vandals.

Infrared Capability

Many cameras purchased for outdoors will mostly have the night vision feature. This means that they have the infrared capability. The surveillance cameras have infrared illuminators that transmit beams of infrared light sometimes over 150 feet away. This creates light in otherwise dark places.

These features are certainly not the only things to look out for when it comes to security commercial cameras, but at least they provide a solid foundation in getting things started.

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